How to simulate circuits

as i am using mac version of kicad. and i also have ltspice mac version… now how can i simulate the kicad schematics using ltspice … or is there any other solution.

This seems like a pretty thorough start.

i tried by pressing run simulator option…from netlist tab in kicad… but it does not work…

then i generate k spice file with .cir extension… by clicking generate … and then open ltspice manually. but this error happen…

any advice…

LTSpice does not have ne555, but does have NE555.
This is one of the few non Linear Tech or Analog Devices parts. The situation with availability of simulation models is much worse than with schematic symbols


This runs through how to launch an external SPICE simulator with an exported netlist. Is there a good walk-through yet using the built in Simulator Workbook under Tools->Simulation in the nightlies yet?

I’ve played with it with little success.