How to share a sheet?

Can two projects share a same sheet (e.g power supply) ?
If yes, how to structure that ?
Thank you

Not easily. One can use a symbolic link on the file level but this really is a bit of a hack as you need to ensure that the rescue process is never triggered for the sheet in question (and if it is you need to manually fix up all other projects that use that sheet). Which means make sure all projects have access to the same symbols and you never change a symbol without being prepared to fix up such a shared sheet.

In the past have made a separate project for a power supply section, and copied the schematic file to other projects, and then added it as a hierarchical sheet to those projects.

I would not dare to use a single schematic file in different projects.

It might be usefull to maintain a table in the “power supply project” of the projects that it is used in, and add a date and/or revision number into the schematic (as simple text) for maintenance purposes.

If it is not easy to share a sheet, is it possible to share a library of symbols ?

KiCad libraries are just files.
You can copy them and (ab-) use them in lots of way’s.
If you’ve manually copied library files to another KiCad installation, then you also have to update the library table in either Eeschema or Pcbnew (for symbol or footprint library).

Eeschema / Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries …
Pcbnew / Preferences / Manage Footprint Libraries …

Thank you Paul for this answer.

Sharing library assets is best done by use of a centralized library setup:

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