How to setup one pin in schematic that is multiple pins in the footprint?

As you can see, this chip has a lot of internally bridged pins. And in different footprints different pin numbers have different functions. And as I understand it footprints are matched to schematics based on pin number.

So two questions:

  1. How would I create one schematic that could map to both of the below footprints, given that each has different pin numbers for each function?
  2. How can declare multiple physical pins under one logical connection?

I can help you with your second question. Recently I wanted to do the same thing and what I found that worked was to draw the symbol with multiple pins in exactly the same location. Then make all but one of them invisible. It seems that KiCAD will connect together all the pins that overlap so when you make a connection in your schematic to the one pin which shows, all the hidden ones end up connected as well. I found this solution by searching online but unfortunately I don’t have a reference to who originally suggested it. I’ll try to find it and give correct attribution. In any case, that worked for me.

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I didn’t think about using invisible pins, but that’s a good idea. I did end up stacking pins, and hiding pin numbers though, which looks mostly right.

As for the two footprints, the best I figured out was to make two symbols with the pins in identical locations but numbered differently. It does mean that you have to swap the symbol if you want to change the footprint, which seems weird.

Though I had an idea I haven’t tried yet. I could use just one pin per function in the symbol, then clone the two generic footprints and make them specific to this chip. Each footprint would have multiple pins with the same number that match the symbol. That does mean I can’t just pick the generic footprint, but that’s not too bad.