How to set track width size of differential pairs?

I am using the differential pair router (just started learn how to use it) but cannot figure out to set the track width size. Can someone give tell me how to do it?

The problem I am having now is that the pair’s width size is less than 5 mil, causing DRC errors of too thin tracks.

Thanks @Andy_P! I was able to change it after reading your reply.

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I should mention that I had to set the gap of the differential pair wider than that of the default track clearance, for example, the gap = 0.009 mil, the default tack clearance = 0.008 mil. Otherwise, the ERC reported errors like “track too close”, even the gap = 0.008, the default track clearance = 0.008, would get the ERC errors.

One example on the bugtracker:

The last post shows that this bug is worked on.

Is the “Dimensions -> Differential Pairs” menu item still there? I can’t find it, has the UI changed?

For reference this is my PCBnew top bar
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I was sure I have seen somewhere the possibility to set differential pair.
I spend only :slight_smile: 10 minutes and I found it: File - Board Setup - Design Rules - Net Classes.
I was here several times until I noticed that last parameters for each Class are dPair…