How to set trace width, clearance


I’ve read somewhere that it is good practice to use a wider track for the VCC and GND traces so I set parameters for a changes trade

Now the question is, how do I select the bigger size with which to draw my VCC trace? Getting Started in KiCad doesn’t help. Help doesn’t either !


If what your are trying to do is to assign the PWR net class you created to a trace, this is how is done.
You have to select the net class you what to use in net class membership on the right(green circled) and on the left choose the net you want to move to that net class member(blue circled).


Thank you very much.


It helps, but only in text, not visually.


I have somewhat similar problem:

I am able to assign nets to a particular netclass membership, but the problem is with long nets with components in between.

how to add those whole net’s to a particular netclass membership? labelling all the net pieces?
any best practices?


Do you mean that you have already laid down tracks and afterwards want to change the width etc.? What KiCad version you are using?


for new tracks to get the clearance and width based on the netclass membership.

for changing already laid down tracks, i can assign a new netclass membership or choose a different width and double click on the track to change the value.

Edit:KiCad 5.0RC2


Right-click context menu after starting routing:


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