How to Set the Display Order of Symbol Libraries?

We imported our standard symbol libraries from Altium into …/Documents/KiCad/6.0/symbols.

They currently show up in the library list, mixed in with KiCad libraries, all organized alphabetically.

We would like to display our libraries first, before the standard KiCad libraries, to simplify finding and selecting our parts in a way similar to what we did in Altium.

Any ideas?


As you’ve discovered, they are alphabetical.

You can add a prefix to the names of your libraries so they sort first. Other than that I don’t have a suggestion.

I don’t have standard libraries on the list and my libraries are first :slight_smile:
When managing library list you can decide of order and I supposed that may be in V6 the decided order will be also valid when selecting symbol from libraries. From what you write I suppose it is not true in V6 (I am still in V5).

I named my custom libraries “0_xxyyzz” for that reason. They always display first, except in the “Manage Symbol Libraries” menu.

this is true, and they are pinned to the top in the symbol editor, but they are not pinned in the “Add Symbol” window. They are only pinnable in the symbol editor, but pinned libraries do show at the top in the “Add symbol” window.

To me that makes the feature not so useful :frowning:

edit: Pin libraries in all relevant lists (#7192) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

For now I renamed our libraries with “0_” as you suggested. Hopefully , sorting libraries will improve in the future.

You’re right; it does work in the “add symbol” window, although there was no star icon added.

I don’t use the symbol browser (or at least I don’t care that pinning doesn’t work there), so I guess it is useful to me!

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To summarize:
Using the arrows in the “Symbol Libraries” only changes the library position in that table.
Adding a numeric/alphabetic prefix to the “Nickname” in the “Symbol Libraries” changes a library position in the “Symbol Editor”, the “Add Symbol” and the “Library Browser” but not the “Symbol Libraries”
Pinning a library in the “Symbol Editor” only changes the position of a library in the “Symbol Editor” and the “Add Symbols” but not the “Library Browser” or the “Symbol Libraries”.
Libraries positions cannot be moved in the “Add Symbols” or “Library Browser”

I hope everyone memorizes this…examination next Saturday, unless I can find an arrow, prefix or pin to alter the day. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Er, the cat ate my library. :crying_cat_face:

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I remember it since my first try with KiCad. As I work with only my libraries my first task with KiCad was to make a minimum set of symbols and footprints to start my first PCB design.
In Protel I had only 5 symbol libraries and one footprint library (about 500 footprints) and during years I found that the better would be to have more but smaller libraries. I wanted to take the opportunity of switching to KiCad to better organize my libraries. Among better organize was their order in “Manage symbol/footprint libraries”. I noticed that I can decide their order so I spent a lot of time wondering how to best arrange them (I have about 25 symbol libraries and 20 footprint libraries).
Imagine my surprise when I started drawing the first schematic and making my first PCB…
As I have read that there were important changes in library management between V4 and V5 I just assumed that it is temporary bug that will be certainly fixed in V6. Couldn’t be fixed in V5 as the assumption is no user interface changes in one main version. I didn’t moved to V6 yet (still at Win7 PC) and these thread is the first info telling me that it was not changed.

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