How to set the Default Net Classes values


This question may have already been asked, if so I was unable to find it.

When setting the design rules for a PCB, how does one set the setting for the default net class? Whenever I set them via the Design Rules Editor they are changed for that session only, the Track Width, Diff Pair Width and Diff Pair Gap are all changed ever time I restart PCBNew. I can’t find where these incorrect values are coming from.

Track Width keeps defaulting back to 0.25mm, Diff Pair Width defaults back to 0.2mm and Diff Pair Gap defaults back to 0.25mm


What version are you using?


Should have mentioned that I’m using the Windows Nightly from the 19-09-2017

I know that version is buggy in regards to these settings. I have not tried a newer nightly to check to see if it is fixed; but that would be my recommendation.

Be careful not to get the most recent nightlies unless you know what you are getting yourself into.


Updated to Windows Nightly from the 24-11-2017 and it’s now remembering my settings. Now to see what has changed/broken.