How to set small paper size?


I can set the size of the paper in File/Page settings. But Kicad uses a minimum width and heigth of somewhat over 10 cm. This is not a problem for large boards and schematics, but the limit is annoying when using small schematics and small pcb’s.

For example when I plot my 5x8 cm pcb layout to an SVG file for my web page, then I get a 5x8 cm pcb layout within a 10x10 cm image. That makes my web pages a little ugly.

I would prefer the SVG image to have the same size as my layout.

I have seen that it is possible to remove the frame alltogether using “blank.kicad-wks”, but the minimum page size remains 10x10 cm.

So question is “how to set smaller page size limits”.


Problem solved. Found an option in the “Export SVG” screen.

Setting “SVG Page size” to “Board area only” does exactly what I need.