How to set round copper keepout zones?

Hi all!

I need to define two copper free round zones to prevent shortcuts, but I can’t generate or import (FreeCad because of missing Arcs) them. How does that work?6VLiFePo_v2.kicad_pcb (6.2 KB)
Thanks for help!

There are a few ways to do it (if I understand what you want to do).

This is the simplest way.

Note: I used my plugin to move it Cu layer but, you can Double-Click and select desired layer. Can also do it from Main Menu by ‘Edit Text And Graphic Properties’

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Well, that’s the “normal” way to draw a circle in polylines by my own. But surely not the simplest way :wink:
But thanks anyway - now I know there is no hidden feature I don’t find.

There is a circular zone generator plugin available here. Looks like there are branches for the 5.1 series (which I have used) and a development branch for 5.99.

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Yes, it works! Great! :star_struck:

there is also an option in kicad StepUp to draw arbitrary contour fill zones / keepout zones:

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