How to set a complete dataset of project

Hi all,
I need to hand over a complete project to my customer.
I used the “zip” button in the project manager, then I sent this zip to the customer.
He runs the same version 5.1.9 on WIN10.
He unzipped, and then warnings popped up, about footprint and lib stuff as far as I understood.
There are FP from my own libs used.
Do I have to export them in any way to set up a complete dataset?

It depends a bit on how thorough you want to be.

At a minimum you have to create a project specific library for all used schematic symbols, and change the links in the schematic for all symbols to use that library.

The link below has a quite long list of external tools. Among it is a script that can help with this.

In KiCad-nightly V6.0.0-rc1 and newer the schematic symbols are cached in the schematic itself and this is no longer needed to do manually.

There are still links to external libraries (both for schematic symbols and for footprints) but these are only used if the schematic symbols or footprints are updated manually. If you want your project to be completely independent from all external libraries, then you have to create project specific libraries for both schematic symbols and footprints and update all links to point to those libraries. (All used footprints can be exported into a library directly from Pcbnew with Pcbnew / File / Export / Footprints to new Library. I assume this will also be implemented for schematic symbols at some point, but at the moment the schematic symbols being cached in the schematic is still a relatively new feature)

Thanks @paulvdh!
Another “pro” goes to the eagle score.
Did you know that E.A.G.L.E stands for the german expression for “easy to use graphical layout editor”?
Some things in KiCad are $&%§=} challenging compared to eagle.
Sorry to compare to eagle again, but I’m a deserter comming from eagle. One day I love some cool features KiCad, the next I miss the easy workflow of good old eagle.

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