How to separate nets in filled zones?

Kicad 5.1.4.
I’m completing a PCB, struggling on the syntax of the list of the nets to be filtered.
The coma, semicolon, dash, ampersand, “and”, “or”, … are not working. The documentation reports to older versions of pcbnews. Any help please ?

I don’t understand your question. Keeping nets separate - whether in filled zones, or not - is a fundamental task of KiCAD The layout tools in PCBNew are designed to keep nets separated without any action from the user. DRC will squawk if you accidentally merge nets.

Can you try to describe the problem in different terms? A screen shot or two may help - and could save you from typing hundreds or thousands of words.


You need to empty the ‘Hide Nets matching:’ input field.

Thanks to both of you for your prompt replies. Sorry for the confusing question.
What I’d like to do is to select only some of the nets for creating a copper filled zone, excluding the high voltage areas: something like that I attempted to do on the picture below.
Unfortunately, I can’t manage to write a correct list, I tried several kinds of separators, none of them is working, whatever I tick the “show all nets” or not.
Of course, I might create specific labels attached to the dedicated lines, e.g. HV_Line, HV_Neutral, HV_Fuse, HV_Earth and filter with /HV_* but this seems a little bit queer to me!

Thanks in advance for your help.

What you really want to do? A zone can have only one net. Like a track/trace.

You don’t know what copper zone is. I think.
It is extending in specified area (zone) one net to all places at PCB not used by other nets.
If it would have few nets than it would short them.

I’m confusing myself with the use of “filled zones”. eelik, you put me on the right way! I’m realizing that it is filling with copper, not creating a gap !

To be clear with my process, I’m on the edge of usual ones, using a CNC router to make my prototypes. Hence, by default, the copper is everywhere around the tracks, leaving an isolation inherent to the tool diameter. I need to create a mask for removing the unwanted copper in the high voltage areas only, keeping a 1.5mm nominal isolation where possible (when it isn’t, slots or coating will be used).

I might create a keepout area by hand then using it to remove the copper. it’s tedious, needing to be very accurate with the mouse, which I can’t ! Unfortunately, it can’t be automated by selecting the gap between dedicated nets and the rest of the tracks.

I wish the keep-out function is improved in a similar way as filled areas to create masks.

In that case you could form a new question including CNC routing. Someone may have done that already.

OK, I did it !

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