How to select a footprint directly?


Is it possible to activate a mode that allows you to directly select a footprint after clicking on it? I can move components quickly, I need to hide print layers and fabrication as well as component values. The problem, however, is that if I hit the pad, it moves only with the pad and not the whole footprint.

I remember that there was an icon for this purpose in the KiCAD 4 toolbar.

I use KiCAD 6 night build.


Hover over a footprint and press ‘m’ for move.

Another way I like is to have both schematic and PCB open (or print schematic on a dead tree for reference), press ‘t’ in Pcbnew and type the Refdes of the component you want to move.


I use both methods, but I do not like that if I do not have hidden references and values, sometimes when I press M moves only references.

Alternatively, if I click on the footprint and press M, sometimes I only activate the reference or even just the pad, which makes it impractical for me to move quickly with components.

I would like to be able to click or place the cursor on anything that belongs to the footprint and have the ability to move with the footprint.

Scheme cooperation is a great feature, especially when a person has hidden component references. Unfortunately, however, it is not yet possible to select the whole group of objects in the scheme and transfer the selection to the board.


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