How to see pdf format of pcb layout

NEed to export gerber files in pdf format, done with the import , imported data has data but once i opened nothing could be view.

First, “Gerber” is a file format, so if you make a .PDF, it is not a Gerber file, but a .PDF file.

I just did: Pcb Editor / File / Plot / Plot format: PDF and plotted a PCB to a .PDF file, and then viewed it in a .PDF viewer, and it looks as expected.

ecc83-pp-bottom_cu.pdf (18.4 KB)

As with all formats in the “plot” menu, it generates one output file for each layer.

Yes.done the same. .pdf format only. but once i opend pdf file it doesnt show any data.

but in pdf file property it shows it has 6kb of data

i could create gerber files and it is accesable. but only .pdf format issues.

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