How to Save "AS" in Footprint Editor

New Member to the Forum here. Hopefully this is an easy one.
I have created my own Footprint Library and made it the Active Library.
I can load a part from that library and modify It… but…there seems to only be a Save button.

How would I load an existing FootPrint and then do a “Save As” to make a different Part?

I do this all the time in Schematic Library Editor using the “Create a New component from the Current One” Button.

Rename the footprint in properties and it will save under the new name.

Ok. Thanks. That works.

I just tried something else that works as well…
If you just Press the Save button, It gives you a Window to enter a new name. Wow.

I had modified a Footprint that I was using and didnt want to just press the SAVE button earlier with the assumption it would just overwrite my existing footprint.

What version of KiCad?

I understand the apprehension to just push save. I’d just go ‘command line’ and back the library up if I was unsure in a situation like this. “Save as” is pretty standard now days but remember, this software has a long history and developed across multiple languages so sometimes it is easier to change the user than the software. :wink:

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Seems like it would be better named
“Save / as…” or maybe “Save…” with ellipses would indicate a dialog before the action. Not sure what the equivalent would be in other languages.

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