How to run release and nightlies side by side on MacOS?


I’d like to give the current nightlies a try but still keep the release version functional so I’m able to keep working on my projects. I am aware that there is no backwards compatibility and all the other risks involved.

So far I have not had any success finding information on the proper way to run both versions side by side on MacOS. Does anybody in here know more?

Thank you very much!

I am not aware of a “nice” way, because at the moment both will look for /Library/Application Support/kicad/. So I keep both directories and rename them around for which flavor (nightly or 5.1) I want to use.

We’re hoping to make this work better in the future (maybe before 6.0 release), but at the moment there are more pressing MacOS issues that our MacOS maintainer is working on.

Gotcha, thank you very much for you swift reply!

Another question, do you also rename ~/Library/Preferences/KiCad?

No, the preferences can run side-by-side with no issues now.

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