How to report errors of (complex) crashes?

A project I’m working on just crashed. The file is intact, nothing is lost, but it is 100% reproduce able. As soon as I delete 1 particular piece of track (I have yet to try if other tracks can’t be deleted as well) it completely freezes and quits, with only a Hex address as error code.

I have no doubt that I’ll find my way out by restarting, reloading the file, messing around until it works, but before I do I’d like to make some sort of bug report. However the only information from the crash is the hex error code, and I can peak around in some assembly code with VS just-in-time debugger. I’m willing to send anything with regards to files and error codes, memory values etc to somebody if necessary for debugging, but I don’t know where to start.

Thanks Rene, I did report it there, but I was looking for a bit of explanation on what information would be useful.

It’s here:

I just included everything I could find, and perhaps that’s all there is as there’s no way in telling what might be useful and what not.

Keep an eye on your bug report. If the devs need more information they will ask you there.

Is that track locked? If so, it’s a bug that has been recently fixed.

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Yes Jeff, it turned out to be the “delete locked track”-bug which has already been fixed for the next release.

The error itself however was very unclear to me, it took me a while to realize what caused it.


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