How to renumber pads?

KiCad 5.1.2 Footprint Editor.

I wonted to renumber pads in single line pin-header.
Right-click, select Pads and Renumber Pads… then I was asked to click pad 1, then pad 2 ,… then pad 40.
I have done it step by step, but nothing has been renumbered.

What I am doing wrong?

KiCad isn’t intuitive. You have to end renumbering by double clicking. But you don’t have to click every pad; you can press and hold the button over the first one, glide the cursor over all of them in right order and then double click.

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Thanks. In meedtime I just deleted all, and using array function generated new set of pins. I hope (only hope) I will remember if I will need this function once more.

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