How to rename a KiCad project

I found a post asking the same question on how to change a KiCad projects file name without causing any problems. The answer to that was to manually rename necessary files, but since the post was from 2016 I wanted to ask if there is a new way of doing it?

Check Rename Project with included files

I regularly rename my KiCad projects. I am using Win10. This worked with 5.1X and 5.99>6.0. Never had any problem with this:

  1. My project folder and all included files all have the same name.

  2. With KiCad closed (not running) I use a file manager (Windows Explorer) to make a copy of the project folder and its contents.

  3. With the same file manager I rename the folder and all of the content files; again all with the same name. I do this to maintain versions with different dates. I include the date in the file/folder name. Because I am renaming a copy, I generally delete the included backups. You could just rename the folder and included files without having made a copy. Either way, this entire process requires 1-2 minutes.

  4. I will usually re-launch KiCad by double clicking on the new project file.

Project Manager / File / Save As …

This saves the whole project in a new location and name.

If you do this often, then it’s probably a good idea to invest some time into the templates in KiCad.
A template in KiCad is not much more then a regular KiCad project saved in a special directory.
It needs an icon to identify the template, and you can add some html (including pictures) as a description of what the template is and what it’s for.

When you create a new project from a template, then KiCad handles the file renaming.

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