How to remove tracks from a routed board


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I wanted to compare the routing of free router with a a manually routed (and fabricated) board. For that, I was planning to to remove all routing from a routed board and bring it to the condition where the components are placed and connected with a ratsnest (so that I can export its dsn to free router etc etc…). Is there any quick way to remove all routing of a board ? Manual removal may take me some time.

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Arvind Gupta


Edit -> Global Deletions


Thanks @1.21Gigawatts. I was facing an error while exporting the .dsn file. The error is as follows:

How do I get about this error pls?

Arvind Gupta


It’s saying you have multiple components that have a reference ID of “1PIN”. Reference IDs must be unique.


I’m not sure if there’s a native method to find the duplicated references, you could use KiCommand and issue the following:

modules 1PIN matchreference select


Thanks all. The problem was solved.