How to remove all DRC exclusions at once?

Kicad 5.99, actual nightly.
I have a design where I can accept some DRC-errors.
The DRC-dialog gives the possibility to acknowledge individual errors to be an ecxeption (exactly: exclusion)

Now I have 2 questions regarding this DRC-exclusions:

  • If I change my design and with this change the cause for the excluded errors is cleared, the “excluded” error is staying still as (light-grey) error in the DRC-result list. Is this by design? (or a bug?)
  • I can remove every single “exclusion”-status with a right-click -> context-menu -> remove exclusion. Is there a faster way to remove all exclusions at once?

This may be a bug.

delete all markers

thanks, I didn’t try this button (somehow I expected an own delete exclusions-button).
works as described.