How to rebuild a project?


I was working on a project, with a schematic and PCBs completed and I do not know why, the project was damaged. I have the SCH and PCB files and creating a new project I was able to recover the schematic, but I can not find a way to load the old PCB file into it.
someone know how to I can do?
Thank you!

Please post the KiCad version info

This has only very little info to help, can you provide more details like what action caused the damage or any error description,screen shot etc?

Did you give the new project a different name from the old one? Did you place it into a different folder? (If the answer is yes to any one of them start over till the answer is no. If this does not fix it then you have damaged something else than simply the prj file.)

As was said, we (probably) need more information. But you can also upload the project here or give a link to it if possible. Maybe the cause is found easily there.

Thank you for the answers!
I create a new project, in another folder and with another name. I copied the SCH file, also changing the name and I can open it correctly. From there, I can generate a new PCB from scratch, but what I want is to recover the PCB file that I had already made in the previous project.
I am using Kicad 4.

Thank you!

Do the same steps with the pcb file as with the sch file. It must have the same name as the project.

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