How to read layout pan and zoom with python?



Currently, I am writing a timelapse plugin, which every minute zooms out to see the whole board, takes a screenshot and zooms back in.
My question is that how can I read the current position and zoom level of the layout view in order to return to it after the screenshot?



Wow, that sounds like it could be super annoying - every minute just when you are mid routing the interface randomly zooms out and in again?

How about plotting an image of the board in the background using the python interface? The scripting is quite well documented and there are several scripts in the forum if you go looking for them. This particular version was linked to in another recent forum article (thanks @MitjaN) .

In the blog, he also explores the difficulty with extending this to automated capture of schematics and has come up with some interesting solutions


Another option would be to save timestamped copies of pcb file instead of screenshots and later assemble a timeline.


Thank you very much!
I wasn’t aware of the rendering feature.
This is a much more elegant solution and it works perfectly.