How to properly create a symbol for AN6562 operational amplifier?

hi, i need that AOP in my library. It contains 3 units and is always shown like this, for exemple unit A::

AN6562 pour kicad forum

So i created the symbol in the editor, i used the TL072 symbol, with the mirror tool i placed correctly the legs 2 and 3, so far so good:

AN6562 pour kicad forum2

Same for unit B.

Then when i want to use AN6562 in a schematic at first everything is fine.But when i do the automatic component numbering, the wire of AN6562 are broken, i don’t understand why:

What didn’t i do, as i should have done?

He opamp with pins 1, 2, 3 is “Unit A”, while the opamp with pins 5, 6, 7 is “Unit B”, and this is a separate drawing in the Symbol Editor.

The most likely cause is that you block selected one of these units and moved them.

Also, do not edit the graphics in the Symbol Editor. Just leave the non inverting pins on the top of the symbols.

If you want to mirror a symbol, then do it in the schematic itself by pressing the “x” or “y” keys.

Is there any other device in the symbol lib with exactly the same pinout?
If yes, open that symbol and add the ANxxx as an Alias. There is a tab for that in the symbol editor.

I have kind of a dumb idea. I wonder whether you were consistent with your grid size? Did you possibly edit the symbol using a 25 mil grid so that it could not be properly placed in Eeschema using 50 mil grid? If I am correct, you can probably go into symbol editor and move everything up one 25 mil grid, then save the symbol.

BTW Digikey, Mouser, and I do not recognize the number “AN6562” and I wonder whether that is a designation for an application note rather than an op amp IC?

Won’t that create an electrical fault?

I’ve searched for one, out of the ten i looked at none of them corresponded, in equivalent there is LM358 which is not in the library.
AN 6562 datasheet:

No, mirroring in the schematic keeps the functionality correct. After all, pins can be arranged and positioned arbitrarily anyways. The user must of course change the wires manually if the symbol is mirrored and was wired already.

Why did you change anything on the graphic part in the library at all?

Pin-out of your opamp is the same as from any old regular opamp, so you can just put a TL072 on your schematic and then change the “value” field to AN1358. It’s just a string of text.

There is only a need to differentiate when you want the links to the datasheets to work, or start attaching Spice models and such.

Yes i did, instead of having it in the library, i use a TL072 that i rename, in the schem, it works.

Thanks for the datasheet. Yes I am not carefully comparing specifications, but this looks like an LM358 equivalent.