How to print bigger of scale up circuit in Eeschema?

I used to work in Diptrace which can scale the schematic or circuit symbol in print preview/setting. I another word I can print bigger in area I want.

It good in verify or develop circuit design process. Even to soldering the circuit reference. Many time I design circuit and not to layout board, only in breadboard.

It essential for me many time to print and take a look at it to improve circuit before go to step of layout PCB.

So is there a way to scale up/down (mostly up, like zoomin) and print it? Or zoomin to print some area of board in Eeschema? Because when I print it seem to print while frame of page.

Thank you

No, but if you print to PDF there are PDF readers that can enlarge and print on multiple pages.

How to do that? print to pdf. Through Kicad or 3rd part like fineprint?
I’d like KiCad to consider have this feature… really

PDF printing is under the File->Plot menu rather than File->Print.

Thank you. That good enough.