How to print an editable PDF version of the schematic and PCB?

From reddit user ArnauldDev

How to print an editable PDF version of the schematic and PCB?

Sadly no more details given

PDFs are not supposed to be edited. That’s why they are trusted as “digital paper”. The most you can hope for is editing some text fields or deleting some objects.

Not a good idea.

Easy to edit a PDF of the PCB…

After exporting the PDF’s, you can open them in Inkscape (or other Graphic program) and Edit them…

Example #1: screenshot in Inkscape shows the top trace selected for editing…

Example #2: screenshot in Gravit shows the unselected elements and bounding box

Example #3: screenshot in Boxey… You get the point

And the schematic? How does that work?

The clue is to Open the PDF file in a Graphic’s program and edit as desired.
Best to try stuff yourself - see what works, what doesn’t… Would have taken less time than Posting the question re schematic… (in Inkscape, below…)

I have Linux equivalent of Acrobat Professional capable of editing PDFs and mainly use Inkscape which is easier for my usage. Per BlackCoffee in Inkscape after opening just have to ungroup. Enable snaps helps. Text will be paths. After puttering can save it as a PDF. Based on initial question without use case not sure if this will answer question. Other problem kinda think it is Kicad >PDF but PDF≯Kicad.