How to plot colored output via Python Scripting?

I’m using the following piece of Python script to generate a colored output:

from pcbnew import *

board = LoadBoard(filename)

pctl = PLOT_CONTROLLER(board)

popt = pctl.GetPlotOptions()

popt.SetColor(COLOR4D(0.050, 0.050, 0.050, 0.1))  # <= Somewhat undocumented!
pctl.OpenPlotfile("layer-F_Cu", PLOT_FORMAT_SVG, "Top Layer")

and expecting a SVG output painted by a color (possibly kind of gray) but definitely other than black, but result is exactly black.

How can I change the output color of a specific layer?

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Only one that I think might know is @mmccoo , he’s got a blog about python scripting in KiCAD.

Here is my workaround and its result:

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