How to permanently set parameters in component field? [SOLVED]

Hi.I want to set certain parameters permanently, such as tolerance, manufacturer and etc into the fields under component properties so that I can export all those parameters into the BOM. I searched a bit and I came to know about “kifield” but not sure how it works as I am new to kicad and python as well so, unable to understand the installation procedure clearly or not sure if kifield is proper tool to use or not for this task. I am usnig BOM2CSV to export BOM. Please mention clear installation procedure including a mini example (and also in case which other software tools require to install kifield) if you don’t mind please It would be huge help to understand it clearly. If you think that the kifield is the right tool than please mention other tool as well. Thanks

This should get you going?

What OS are you using?

I am a bit on a loss what the problem is you are facing. The title somehow suggests that currently your entered data is lost. Is that just a slightly wrong title or is there something to it. (You do not mention such a problem in the main text.)

Regarding setting (additional) fields this can also be done from within KiCad. KiField and similar tools just make it easier to manage a large number of placed symbols. (KiCad version 5 will come with a table like editor within eeschema to help here. This might make KiField obsolete for many usecases.)

Windows 7 and windows 10 on another device. I tried on two different devices

If you see the component properties there is filed defined with parameters such as ‘value’, ‘reference’, ‘datasheet’ and ‘footprint’. As you notice if you click on one of the parameters it is locked means you can’t delete those. I wondered, if we can define other parameters such as Tolerance and Rated voltage and make them permanent (meaning here is you can’t delete after you define it, as other parameters like value,reference,footprint etc…)?
I came to know about kifield but I need step by step procedure to follow because I have not enough knowledge of python! (for eg. where to type the commands mentioned in link by Joan_Sparky — FYI : I tried to type those commands in python 3.7 but it displayed “invalid syntax” )

The 4 default parameters can not be deleted because kicad is build around the assumption that they are there for every symbol.
You can still define any other field (use the add field button in the same dialog you mention) but they are not as well protected as the default 4 fields.

And now a bit more details about the 4 default fields:

The footprint and reference fields are special fields as they are used by kicad internally (reference for identifying the part and the footprint is used to communicate to pcb_new what footprint belongs to this symbol)
The value field is used by the symbol editor to determine the symbol name. (don’t ask why)
The datasheet field is even more strange as there are two places where the datasheet can be added. (the datasheet field in the .lib file and also an entry per alias in the dcm file.)

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I have been curious about this, so if you know, I’d like to know.

I might pull up a screen shot in bit, but if you are curious before I do, you might take a look at some of the Digi-key KiCad libraries.

I simplified a bit here. The value is not really where the symbol name is stored. But the graphical interface (symbol editor) uses it to access the symbol name (to change it)

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