How to pan in schematic editor and pcbnew when you don't have a mouse?

For the 5.0 release, I made it so that in GerbView you can pan around by just dragging right mouse button (so on a trackpad, two finger drag with no extra keys). This makes navigating much faster on a laptop (especially one with a nice trackpad) since you can zoom with a 2-finger drag, and pan with a 2-finger click+drag. (note–to get this working, you need to disable “use touchpad to pan” in the settings)

Do other people like this behavior as much as I do? I was planning on expanding it to the other tools for 6.0

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I have the VXP-Pen Deco Pro Art tablet, it’s pretty big and has 8 shortcut keys and double wheel that allows you to zoom an change the size of your brush by only having to swipe the pad in certain directions.

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