How to move tracks with footprint AND be able to rotate footprint?

Hello All,

Just started using KiCAD the other day - coming from Edwin. I saw in the forum to use a D to move the footprint but also to keep the track attached.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to always have the D turned on?
  2. I cannot figure out how to rotate the footprint - can anyone tell me how to do this?


  1. No, however the “ratlines” will show the path that needs to be created by tracks between the track end and the pad
  2. Hotkey “R” for Rotate. “Shift + R” rotates the other way
    Note, you will need to go into Preferences / Preferences / PCB Editor / Editing Options / Steps for Rotate Commands to set the angle required for each time the R key is pressed.

It is worth a look into “Hotkeys”, also in Preferences, to see what other hotkey commands are available.

addition to answer 2):
hotkey “R” works also during active “MOve”-command (while the footprint is attached to the mouse-cursor).
But it works not during the “drag”-command - during “dragging” (footprint with attached tracks) “R” is not available.

Thank you for the info,
Having the ability to rotate the footprint with all or some tracks attached would be very beneficial. Had that in Edwin and was used all the time!

How to do a feature request?


Implement shove/walkaround for footprint dragging in PNS (#4214) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab is related, but rotating would probably be a separate issue.

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