How to move to new PC? Error opening project

I got a new computer and I installed Kicad again on win11 (it was on win10) and now when I open my existing project I get errors like:

  • Un-terminsated delimted string in ‘path+file.kicad_sch’, line xyz, offset xyz.
  • Expected ’ locked,placed, tedit, tstamp, at, descr, tags,…, version or model’ in ’ path+file.kicad_pcb, line xyz, offset xyz.

So I was wondering: What is the exact process of reinstalling kicad on a new PC and get everything exactly how it was. (I still have my old harddisk available as external drive).

I am assuming this will solve my problems, because the project worked fine a few days before I got my new PC. It actually was my first project and a serious amount of work got into it. I was about to finish one last thing before I could order my very first pcb. So I would be really really happy if we are able to solve my problem here.

What KiCad version did you have on your old pc, and what is the KiCad version on your new PC?

KiCad should always be able to open files made with an older version of KiCad without problems.

What happens if you open another KiCad project? Does that work or do you get similar error messages?

Can you open the demo projects in KiCad?

All of KiCad’s files are human readable text.
What do you see when you open that file in a text editor and scroll to that line?

Both are version 6.

The files have unreadable carbage on the mentioned linenumbers…does not look good. I took the youngest backup and took al the files from that zip and replaced my project with it. Now they open okay!

So I guess that my project files got corrupted when moving my data to my new pc… really happy with the fact that kicad makes these backups!

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That was quick to solve :slight_smile:

If you have corrupted files, you may have more. I’d run a full file check on that drive.


Yes, indeed. Turns out Kicad is rather friendly when moving to a new PC. Bad NVME drive was the cause of the problems. Case closed. Project finished, tomorrow order first PCB ;-D.


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