How to move the field in the symbol properties

Good day, colleagues!
I’m trying to master KiCad and a question has already arisen.
How to move the field up or down in the properties of a symbol? I would like to put the Discription field immediately after Value, but it doesn’t work. The arrows seem to be there, but pressing them does not lead to the corresponding reaction.

Your original post was held by the system. It happens a lot to first posts. The system is suspicious because it was ‘typed to fast’ and thinks it may be bot activity. I think it is probably people doing a cut and paste of their composed message. But, the image was OK when released. Not sure what happened. Can you please edit your post for the the image link? Thanks.

I’m guessing you mean this symbol properties window:

… and your intention is to for example move the Footprint line from the third to the second line.
First guess is to use the up and down arrows (See the mouse cursor and tooltip).

This does however only work with lines that you have added to the footprint editor. The order of the 4 default lines is fixed.

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