How to move origin or Axis or sheet in PCBnew?

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i’m curious how to set origin of Axis Or move sheet in PCB? and change Axis direction.

  1. In picture, the point is Origin of Axis. i have to know 0,0, because of Mechanical mapping.
    But, 0,0 is not in pcb sheet. so, i can’t print pcb layout etc…

is not possible? move origin or move PCB sheet?

i want to place PCB Design in PCBnew Sheet.

  1. X-axis is good. but, Direction of Y-axis is different. Up-direction is - and, Down diretion is +. It can’t change?

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Not possible in 5.1.10.
I didn’t tried V6, but there probably it is possible (and inverting Y also).

I replaced in PcbNew the sheet frame with small cross (use Page Layout Editor) at 0,0 and work around it (many my PCBs are symmetrical so I have 0,0 in their center). I find it being better than in my old Protel where I had to have absolute 0,0 at bottom left.
I tried to replace sheet with empty one but if it is empty it is replaced with some default. Not sure if it is still so as I experimented with it when KiCad was 4.0.7 and just moved to V5 without changing it.

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In 5.99 you can choose the origin point for coordinate display and entry as the upper left corner of the “page” (previous behavior), the grid origin, or the “Aux” origin. You can also choose which direction the axes increase (left/right and up/down). These are per-user display options and do not affect the board file itself.

My personal preference is to use the Aux origin (also known as the “Drill origin”), and X:right and Y:up. When I start laying out a board I place the Aux origin in the lower left corner of the board.

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