How to move components to new sheet on EESCHEMA?


As often, I start my schema on main sheet, until I realize than it will be impossible to keep everything on the same sheet, how to “copy/paste” some parts to a new sheet ?
Thanks for help.


You have to save the block, change to the new page and select the paste icon on the top bar. Not an obvious flow


block select everything you want to copy.
Right click and select save block (yes it is an odd name for it)
got to the target sheet and press the paste button of the upper toolbar. (Here the right click past button does not work.)

There is a downside to this though. You will loose your annotation. (Only a problem if you already started to lay out your board.)


Thanks to both of you !


How can I move this block ( or whole sheet inside sheet) to other sheet without loosing annotation. Justmove from one place to another?
Kicad 5.0.2