How to move centroid of part without messing up layout

I made a QFN footprint, and put the zero on Pin 1. The layout is finished, and Gerbers submitted, but I realized later that the center of the part (for pick-and-place) is not correct.

I could fix the footprint (and will, in the future), but I get the distinct feeling that if I move the footprint in the editor so that the center is now centered, it will mess up my layout when I update the PCB.

Is there any way to leave everything exactly where it is, but move the little magenta β€œ+” to the center of the part on the PCB?

I can’t find an easy way. Updating, changing and editing the footprint all move the footprint from its current position.

All I can suggest is:
Change pads to outline mode
Place Grid Origin exactly over magenta +
Open symbol in footprint editor
Change pads to outline mode
Using graphic lines, draw a + over the magenta + (you will need to edit the width of the graphic + lines to approx. 1/10 mil )
Change anchor
Change footprint on PCB to new one in Footprint editor.
Move new footprint in such a way as to place the graphic cross (in pin 1) exactly over the the grid origin
Remove the graphic + and the Grid origin.

Very messy, but can’t think of anything else.

Others may have really cool and clever ideas, I hope.

May be can be replaced by finding dx, dy of anchor move in footprint and then use Move Exactly at PCB.

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