How to move an element to another side of 2 sided board?

I try to “flip element” but the element just disappears from the view. There is an outline of its pins, but not filled. Nothing changes if I change the copper back layer visibility. I need elements on both sides. The board is mounted as sandwich, so the top layer has the connector to the top board, on the bottom I need other connectors. How to achieve that kind of layout?

Selecting a footprint and then pressing f for flip should work.

And I’ve just verified that it (still) works for me.

So I don’t know why it does not work for you. Some Idea’s:

  • Maybe you’ve turned off (some of) the back side layers.
  • Maybe you’ve (accidentally) reassigned the f key.
  • Maybe you’re using the function wrong (First select something, or hover over it)
  • Maybe you misinterpret what you see. (Do it with a footprint that has a 3D model, and view it in the 3D viewer).

check that you’re not in one of the high-contrast (H) modes, and check that you haven’t turned off the display of all footprints on the Front/Back side

maybe also check you board setup to confirm that you have 2 copper layers