How to move all routes from back to front Cu


I got confused and drew all traces in the back face rather than the front one.
Is there a way to move one/all traces from one plane to another without having to redraw them one by one?
I couldn’t find anything in the user interface.


Did you try Select.Filter.Include tracks only(all others off), then Window-Select (should be traces only), and E allows layer to be defined.

You could consider a text editor :slight_smile: simply open up the board file

(In OpenGL canvas:) Select the tracks. Open the Properties dialog from the context menu. Change the layer.


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I will try the suggestions.
Question: which file to edit?

Edit the: “<project_name>.kicad_pcb” file.
All files in KiCad are ascii & human readable (and editable) text files.
The file formats are described here:

I just tried @eelik 's suggestion in KiCad V4.0.7 and it works for me.
I did:

1). In PCBnew, draw some traces with “x”, on both sides, place a via with “v”.
2). End button to end the trace, Esc to exit from the trace draw funcion.
3). Drag a box around the trace segments -> Right Mouse Button -> Properties -> Layer: -> F.Cu -> OK.

The suggestion from eelik worked for me too.


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