How to mount a plane mount component?

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I am new to PCB layout. I have a Banana Jack to mount on my board. Here is the link to that component.
The datasheet says that it is plane mount. I know there are through hole mount and surface mount. Is plane mount the same as surface mount? I have no idea how can I layout this type of component.


It’s not soldered to the PCB at all directly. You solder a wire to that component and then solder the other end of the wire somewhere. The jack is normally fastened to the chassis of the device.

The “mounting hole” is in the chassis. You have to decide how to connect the wire to your board and choose the footprint for that connection.

OK, thanks for your information.

From that question it looks that you know there are through hole mount and surface mount but you don’t know what these terms mean.
The through hole component is a component having legs that pass through the holes to the other side of the PCB. Like this one:
The surface mount component is one you put on the PCB and solder on the same side (same surface). Like this one:

You can install your Jack at your board (making a hole to screw on it) but as it is ‘Isolated’ you will not get a connection between that Jack contact and any PCB track. To get such contact you need to use a piece of wire to solder to your Jack and (the second end) to the pad (probably hole pad) in another place of your PCB.
But such installing of that Jack would be very untypical. Typically that Jack would be at your device case and at PCB you will only have a hole to solder the wire connected to that Jack.

There are some options for connecting the other end of the wire to the PCB. See How to connect a wire to the PCB?. Adding another connector (or a pair of components where one piece is permanently attached to the wire and the other piece soldered to the board) is probably something you don’t need in this case. Look at the screenshot in that article to see what I guess is your best option.

Others have explained this pretty well, but just to clear up the terminology confusion: It’s a panel mount device (not plane), meaning it is intended to be mounted to the front panel of your equipment.

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