How to migrate from kicad 6 to kicad 7 on Ubuntu Linux

Hello folks, does anybody know how to migrate from kicad6 to kicad7 correctly on Ubuntu Linux?
I have referenced kicad 6 repos in apt sources list.
So in details

  • should I add kicad 7 repos and just upgrade my setup?
  • should I remove kicad 6 first and then add repos for kicad 7 and install it again?
    Thanks in advance.

No need to remove 6.
Go to and follow the download button.

Make sure you tick the “Recommended” when asked about the libraries, otherwise the Kicad libraries will not be installed. Do not try to keep your current versions of the Kicad supplied libraries.

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Not sure about KiCAD7 dependencies and conflicts.
I think on Ubuntu installing KiCAD 7 will remove KiCAD 6 automatically.

Add ppa KiCAD7 repo, remove KiCAD6 repo.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

should do (it will also upgrade other system packages).


sudo apt update
sudo apt install kicad*

if you don’t want to touch any other system packages.

A word of caution: backup all your v6 design files and personal libraries first. Once installing v7 you’ll not be able to go back to v6… and you may want to, based on my experience.


Correct. 6.x.x will be overwritten by 7.x.x and 6.99 will be overwritten by 7.99 with Ubuntu.

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