How to mark all threads as read with one click?

There are a lot of threads on the screen that do not interest me and I’d like to dismiss (make them fade) all of them in one go so that I can notice new topics that might be of interest. I don’t mind if some become unread again if a new post is made. I searched but it seems this is a (IMO mis-)feature of Discourse, but maybe somebody knows the answer?

There are your preference settings (click on your icon to the right with the left mouse button and in the menu there on preferences) and find something in there that makes sense?
Also, there (at least for me) is an item in the top to the left called ‘Unread (xyz)’.
If you click on that and then once that has loaded there is an option to the right that allows you to mark all as read… I’d make a screenshot, but it’s gone for me since I did that to test it, hehe.

Otherwise, the software this is based on is called Discourse, in case your search foo is stronger than mine…

But sounds its not implemented ‘how one expects it’…

This is a line that is above everything that didn’t change since my last visit.
All below I usually ignore… unread or read :wink:

Hmm, I don’t see any Unread (xyz) GUI element. Maybe it only appears for admins? A search didn’t find anything in Preferences but I found the dark theme which I prefer, so it wasn’t wasted.

Oh well have to make do with the line I suppose. A mark all read button is useful when you have been away for a while and just want to clear the deck, while a line would be off the page.

Ah, then just wait an hour or two and reload… the line should jump to the ‘top’ I think.

As for the unread button… I don’t think its an admin only feature.
Maybe it’s for old topics I posted in before and that had some ‘marker’ on them for me that tracks them differently to topics I’d never replied to…?! Just stick around long enough and you will get that too. :slight_smile:

Also, have you looked into the ‘new’ category? There is a Dismiss button there…

Sorry for not being much of a help :neutral_face:

No worries, it’s Discourse, not you.

Dismiss new just sets new threads to 0, but unread threads are still unfaded.

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