How to manage my projects

I have created several schematic modules for my projects now i want to combine them all into one and then generate the pdf . How to combine different modules into a single project?

You need to explain why you are doing this. What is the situation?

  • These modules are boards of a larger project
  • You want to submit all of them for manufacture on one board to try to save money
  • You want to generate a book of projects (is that why PDF?)

Indeed the PDF is the curious detail, as boards are usually submitted to the fabricator as Gerber files.

Over to you.

These modules are parts of my project ex. power supply schematic , Controller schematic etc.
I want to combine them into a single project

Plot as many schematic pdfs and combine these pdfs to one single pdf with appropriate software (use google to search for pdf merge tools). Or I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

NO ,the process you have suggested wont work for me as i have separately annotated the modules and when i merge, the annotated names do not fall in sequence . I am just trying to append all my project sheets into one single project.

You need to re-annotate each sub-project. Usually you have the Ref Des going up in hundreds (or possibly thousands for a big board). I.e Board one starts at 1, Board 2 starts at 100, Board 3 starts at 200 etc. You can then bring each sheet in separately.
Back up your project first. You might find this from the FAQs helpful.

All the time I don’t understand if that project sheets are parts of schematic to be done at one PCB or they are separate PCBs.
If they are separate PCBs then you have to know that KiCad project is one PCB project.
If they are parts of one PCB then you have to make from them multi sheet schematic (I have never done and currently not plan to do it).
As I Plot schematic to PDF I see there [Plot All Pages] button. I suppose you will get one pdf containing all sheets (but I’m not sure as all my schematics are one-sheet so didn’t tried it).