How to make values field text wrap?

I tried adding /r/n,

I guess C0402 is the Footprint field.
And X5R and 10V are new fields added by the user who made the symbol.

Edit the component’s properties and add as many fields as you need.

As @pedro said you could add user defined fields. Here a description of how:

Example: (capacitor symbol with the fields required to look equal to the one you show on the right.)
c_fields.lib (514 Bytes)

To edit (and add) fields to symbols press the “T” button in the symbol editor.

Make sure you give your personal symbols a unique name or move your personal libs to the top of the component library dialog. (Increase the priority)

You could also do this in eeschema. Simply press e on top of the symbol and add the fields to the one symbol you are currently editing. (This will also be how you set the values if you have already added the fields to the symbol via the symbol editor.)

So I just need to clone C_small from device.lib, make one of my own.

(And a few more words to satisfy the min char count)

I brought up this properties dialog lots of times, but I didn’t think it is useful:-p

I swear I did not see that add field button before:-)

That is a lot of rework to do, I guess I have to use sed to process the sch files.