How to make two different pad shape in different layer in the same pin

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum, I make printed circuit boards as a hobby and I have a question to ask. I need to create a footprint in which the pads of the same pin on the F.Cu and B.Cu side must have different shapes and sizes. Is it possible to achieve this? I thank anyone who can help me.

That will depend on various aspects of what you want to achieve. If making PCB for hobby (as I do), it’s quite easy to make different pads on different layers for same pin.

I don’t know about various Kicad versions (I stick with 5.10) and Never DRC my designs.

Example showing a Single Pad:

  1. I placed a Rectangle SIP pad on the Front layer
  2. I placed an Oval SIP pad on the Back layer
    I left the Number(1) the same

Result: you can see the copper is a THT touching both pads…

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 8.16.00 AM

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Thank you BlackCoffee, so it is enough to put two different pads with the same number, the first one has the pad only in the B.Cu and the second only in the F.Cu. Is it correct?

Yes, correct.

And, you can do it for a Footprint (when making it) and/or by just placing Pads on a PCB (there’s a Pad icon in the toolbar, so, place two pads with same number, put on different layers and set the size and shapes…) Simple!

Thank you BlackCoffee!!!

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