How to make such a wierd switch-footprint


I need to make a footprint for a “swich” like these

mine should have space for a LED, in the middle, too… on the silicon-button-mat that comes on top of the switch, is a velostat, so I can measure, the pressure on the pads.

my problem is, that I don’t get it, how I would build this golden, conductive rings … I tried with SMD-Pads

but this somehow seems not correct.

does someone have a idea how I could build this?

Your footprint would work from its layout but is not as pretty as the one in your picture. The one in the picture will either need a lot of work in the footprint editor, a bit of scripting or you could even use freecad and kicad stepup to create them.

However your footprint has a major flaws. The pad numbers of overlapping pads (the ones that need to be connected) must be equal. The reason for this is: How does KiCad know which symbol pin represents which pad of the footprint?

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THANKS BRO !!! :slight_smile: this might solve my problem… i alredy am making a new one right now :slight_smile:

Also look at the pad with number 1. I assume it should not be connected to both the lower and upper half of the button.

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yes, you are right… pad-1 is wrong, thank :slight_smile:

one more question… can I place the drill-pads over the smd-pads?

yes. but they also need the same pin number as the smd pad they are on top of.

cool, thank you :slight_smile: … you might have solved all my problems :smiley:

Hey there :slight_smile:

I have made a new footprint now, but there are some more questions:

#1 … i have placed the smd-lanes overlapping, so they connect… but when I am using autorouter on the pcb-design, it connects the smd-lanes ( with the same pin-number) to each other…

also when i press “violations”, the points where the smd-lanes overlap are marked

do I have to place them not overlapping? …

#2 … I have 16 of them on my pcb and 16x rgb-LEDs and some pin connectors, nothing else…
the autoroute took 24 hours now, and has made 10 Passes… I canceled autoroute at this point?

how many passes are normal? … can I only make, lets say one pass? where do I configure this?

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