How to make Gerber X3 component layer files

I see several mentions that gerber X3 is supported in kicad, (here: TurnKey Fabs / KiCad 6 Layout Compatibility - #12 by aaron) here, Gerber X3 - Official Gerber Format Website and here Macaos Enterprise 5.3 (August 2020) | Macaos ) but I am not able to find any option to build the X3 component layer files, nether in 5.99 or 6. They are not generated automatically, nor included in any of the other files.

And I cannot find any tutorials to do so, witch is odd, because of the massive amount of tutorials for any other kicad related topic.

Whats up with that?

How do I make the component layer gerbers? Do I need an additional plugin?

It’s “hidden” in File → Fabrication Outputs → Component Placement: Format → Gerber.

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And there it is. Perfect. Thank you very much.

…or it is out in the open:


The plot dialog doesn’t export position files.

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Scrap that. I missed that it was about position files.

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