How to make fancy shaped boards

I want to make a series of single gate logic boards, shaped like the logic gate call signs. Can I just draw a graphic around the circuit in the desired shape to achieve this?

Pretty much, yeah… just do it on the edge cuts layer. Though you are limited to straight lines and constant radius arcs as far as I’m aware.
Though I also have had a lot of luck with importing DXF files into that same layer and it has made for some nicely shaped boards that would be a real pain to do manually in KiCAD itself. You can either create them in a CAD program like FreeCAD or Fusion 360, or in Inkscape, and then export to DXF instead of SVG.

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If drawing a complex board outline in FreeCAD, use the FreeCAD workbench/plugin called StepUP for a more seamless transfer into PCBNew.


There is a pluggin for Inkscape that will convert multi layer vector image into KiCAD board outlines and footprints.

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