How to make changes to the sheet title box and have those changes incorporated in all new projects?

I am able to make changes in the standard sheet layout to better suit my needs. Then, I save the sheet with a custom name and a wks extension. I would then like to set that custom sheet to be the default for all new projects. Is that possible, and what are the steps? Thanks. (KiCad 6)

Hi @tracecom and welcome to the kicad forum. Actually, I can’t answer you question, as I have the same request :slight_smile: to set my wks layout as default. Someone here will know.

IIRC you create a project template and set your wks to be the schematic and layout title sheets. Then create new projects from template.

then, half the job is done. Now you can place a bunch of ‘variables’ in your wks, like this:

then from your project you fill the variables with relevant data:

At last you click on the standard worksheet and browse to your wks.
that should be enough.

When you are familiar with the process setup the custom template mechanism for new projects,
i find it very handy!

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Hi Claudio – this is the part I still don’t understand. Where do I click to define my wks as the default? I can manually use my wks for a project, but when I create a new project (or even a new page), I get the default and have to manually choose my wks every time.

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i think there isn’t a place where you define the default, just if you use the custom wks in the root page
then all new pages you place get it automatically.

If you work with a custom template, the wks is saved into that.
When you start a new design you do ‘new project from template’ and et voilà, no further actions needed.

maybe is because i have the ‘export to other sheets’ active on my wks?

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