How to make all unread threads "read"?

Back from holidays. Realised that there are a lot of threads that are above my pay grade as they say around here so won’t concern me.

Is there a way to make all highlighted threads “read” without actually entering them? I searched but it seems that the Discourse developers are ideologically opposed to such a feature that is present in other forum packages.

I suppose I’ll just have to put aside my obsession with making all threads “read”.

KiCad is the first and only forum I read so I don’t know what others offer.
I don’t know if it is a question of some settings - never searched for it but I don’t see difference between read and not read threads. But each time I login I see the ‘last visit’ line and read titles of threads only above it opening interesting once.
Is anywhere there a description how forum works - for example to understand why some of threads above ‘last visit’ line have number of new posts shown and others not.

Opening forum next time I noticed that some threads are grayed on what I have never before point any attention :slight_smile:
I think it happens only when ‘last visit’ line is not moved even I logout and after 30 minutes login. I don’t know why it is not moved. But typically if it is moved then all threads over it are not grayed and probably because of it I never treated it (graying) as any important information.

Here’s the feature in the EEVblog forum. It’s really easy to catch up on that forum. I go to all unread threads, cherry-pick the ones I’m interested in, and to discard the rest, I click on Mark All Messages as Read.

My search on Discourse turned up a discussion on the Discourse forum where a developer was arguing with a user who like me wanted this feature. The developer insisted that the feature didn’t make sense. :man_shrugging:

I, too, spent quite some time ploughing through the Discourse site looking for the feature you requested. Alas, to no avail. :slightly_frowning_face:

That’ll teach you to go on holidays! :rofl:

Narrow mindedness can sometimes be detrimental.

I could be wrong but, Seems simple enough to Mark all as ‘Read’…

That’s just the notifications of things like “new likes” not of new posts in threads.

Well, perhaps but, another way is shown in video below… 362 Unread, afterwards, Zero!
ADDED: And, there’s a Pause Notifications…

AND, “Dismiss New”…

I don’t have notifications enabled and I don’t see any Unread counter.

I’ll just ignore the highlighted topics that don’t concern me.

That doesn’t work either, sorry . . .


On another forum I clicked on unread and got a dismiss option that popped up this window:

But personally, I think you need to ‘man up’ and just read everything like a good janitor. :wink:


Sorry vita brevis and time is an inelastic resource. :frowning: Plenty more janitors in the sea.

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