How to link a pin to a footprint pad when the component is made of several parts?

Hi! I’m new to KiCAD and I’m having a hard time finding the answer to the following problem:

There are components (transistors, logic gates, etc) that have multiple parts inside the same package and in the schematic they are different components labeled 1A, 1B, etc.

However, the footprints are still numbered normally from 1 to 6.

How do we match pin 1 from part 2A with footprint pad 6 (the problem in my case) for example?

Lots of thanks!

Why does you unit b have the same pins as unit a? Did you place the same symbol twice instead of having one multi unit symbol?

If it is a multi unit symbol, the pins are assigned in the normal way. The pin number needs to match the pad number.
This means open the unit b in the symbol editor and give the pins the correct pin number.

Here one of my symbols that do what you need. (As inspiration.) (918 Bytes)


Well, this symbol in particular I edited it myself, since I could not find dual NMOS.

So I just edit it in the component symbol, assigning the number to footprint pad. Thank you!

Now I have seen it in the manual (which I hadn’t read yet :sweat:). Thanks a lot!