How to isolate symbol and footprint in a specific lib

I’m using Kicad 7.0.6
On my board I’ve got component (both symbol and footprint) that are coming from a user lib. But in this lib I also have a lot of other stuff.
I would like to create a dedicated version of my lib only for a set of project.
Is there any way or trick to copy the symbol (and also the footprint) from one lib to another. And to update the reference in the schematic and layout.

I need to find all the symbol that I need from my “master” lib, to copy them in the “extract” lib.
for the footprint, I can just copy the the footprint file.
But for the symbol, is ther anything beter than open the symbol in the editor and resave it in the new lib ?

Is there a plugin that could do all that (I know I’m dreaming).

You’re Dreaming… No matter how you do it, at some point you’ll need to tell something what to save and where to save it…

Best to create a Folders to contain Symbols and Footprints. Yes, it can be the same folder but, you may prefer separate folders.

Once created, from the main panel, click the Symbol (or Footprint) Editor Icon.

Locate the desired Symbol/Footprint, Right-Click it and Save-As, select desired folder where to save it. Can also Export it, if desired… There is No need to actually Open it, just Right-Click…

You may want to explore how to set/use the Paths (Global and/or Project. Also, learn how to Re-set the Links to the already-placed Symbol/Footprint…

Plenty of posts on this so search the forum…

Thanks. I managed to do it (manually mostly).

a tips : the tool->edit symbol librairie links is quite usefull to get the list and also to change the symbol to the new lib.