How to install version 6.0.11 on a new laptop

I have a new Windows 11 pro laptop (i9 processor) and want to install Version 6.0.11
I am currently running the last stable version of 5.x on a desktop, and am using the new laptop as a way to upgrade to 6 while leaving my exiting PCBs and libraries over on the desktop. If all looks good, I’ll upgrade the desktop.
What I downloaded from the KiCad site was kicad-6.0.11-x86_64-pdbs
When unzipped, I saw the directory x64-windows-Release-pdb
That directory had 24 .pdb files

What did not happen / I can’t find is anything that “installs” all this. Searched the forums, no help, hence this post. When I installed V5 on the desktop, I don’t remember having any problems, after the download it just installed.
What am I missing here ?

I don’t know what the pdbs contain, possibly libraries, but I think for the application suite you should be downloading kicad-6.0.11-x86_64.exe

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pdb files contain debugging symbols generated by microsoft compilers

I’m downloading it now, tnx.
I saw the different flavors of the 6.0.11, it was not clear what the difference was in the x86_64 versions. Not sure what role having the debugging symbols would be. The downloads web page just had a list of files, no other info.

The download finished and it is installing now. Had to set the file explorer to show extensions before I could double-click and start the process. I’m really not a windows fan, but, that’s the path the world is on.
And can bring up V 6, so I’m good to go. The instructions on updating files and libraries are on this forum, so I should be good to go.

Thanks to all for the help.

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